Bed and Breakfast

The building stands in a marriage of architecture, sculpture and landscape, being in an environment, both external and internal purely utilitarian or rational, but complete in its spatial structure, giving the feeling of something warm and spiritual. You get up Via Civitella, where, half way, slowing down is inevitable because the gaze is fixed between the dome of the sky and a large truncated cone, Monte San Giovanni Campano. It 's like watching a Flemish landscape, with earth tones, with greens and blues that fade in the valleys and beyond towards the' horizon. The houses are perched in semicircles that spread gently alighting in the valleys all 'round. Above, the Ducal castle with square tower to the sky in a burst. Skirt along embankments and stone walls after leaving the main road and turned left onto a gravel road. The building appears as a creature of some sort almost spontaneously from the earth. Here heaven and earth are intertwined, almost touching. The eye is enclosed in the vegetation that rises at the highest point of the hill and the grand facade of 'building.

Entering the large scale will not abandon the external elements: stone or marble, nor the intimate sense that the step itself, but continue with endless shapes and bright colors, a 'harmony, as in a labyrinth, visiting other areas in plans, including the 'art winery, brings us almost feel the space with a psychological attitude of "metaphysical marvel" of discovery and interpretation continues. Everything is essential, built for living and living a moment of bliss.Void seems trivial, obvious, "Baroque" and even the 'ancient art of stone working, not too characteristic of the area evaluated ciociaro, agrees with the spirit of archaic place. An almost surreal calm the spirit and takes only are the leaves, the chirping or the verse of animals that live in freedom, to break the silence almost Onirico charmer.

Join the 'building and discover, then, a world where the expert hand of' man has left an indelible and unique beauty and harmony. The classic style is evident in the 'essentiality of' furniture, in the vaults, the choice of stones and marbles, mosaics, frames, floors. In those volumes, the light that blends with the color gradations of the sky and green vegetation below the 'building and tutt' around, creates shades and track lines, hieroglyphic drawings of green. The great hall was designed as a "salon" where you can gather all sorts of occasions.


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